Welcome to Typegal


Hello there, and welcome! This is my first official blog post on here, and I’m SO excited to start blogging again*. This blog will be my little creative outlet... I love to letter, draw, write, take pictures and now I’ll have somewhere to put it all. It’ll be filled with snippets from my sketchbook, projects I’m working on, LOTS of tutorials for y’all and some lifestyle inspired posts too (with a creative twist on them, of course).

SO! Let me introduce myself… My name is Emma Lemon 🍋, I’m a designer and lettering artist from the UK. I’m a petite gal, I love Mochas (recently replaced by cocoa matcha lattes though 😩) and I love ALL of the doggos (I have two of my own, Dexter and Bella). If you fancy reading more about my stupid lil bean, head over to my about page for more info!

I had a BIG think over Christmas and decided to revamp my branding and create a whole new website as I rushed the previous one. I switched over from Shopify to Squarespace as I felt it suited my needs better. It has the option to sell products (soon y’all) and it has a good blogging system. It is also much easier to customise than Shopify is.

So, what has changed with the branding?

I created a new logo, I knew I wanted something much more relaxed, something that encapsulated the heart of what I do, lettering. While most finished pieces are supposed to be immaculate, I love the process; I love the scribbles, the messiness, the imperfections that makes hand lettering truly unique. My previous logo was too perfect (not that I think it’s perfect, the style was too neat and the letters were almost so legible it looked like a font). Not for me, mate. Not. For. Me.

AND… I actually stepped up and created a moodboard. I spent some time choosing the fonts to pair with my logo, the colour scheme I’d like to stick to and the overall ‘vibe’ I’d like my brand to give off. I think I’ve finally ended up with something that is ‘me’.


What can you expect from the new and improved website?

A creative lifestyle blog, obvs. I absolutely LOVE writing and taking photos, and as this is a personal brand I’ll be including lifestyle related posts such as think-pieces and life updates (if you don’t care, don’t read them stick to the lettering ones 😂)

A dedicated hub on learning how to letter. A section filled with tutorials, practice sheets and tips to help you get started. Make sure you sign up for the release of this if you’re interested in learning how to letter.

Freebies. I want to give back to my followers, so what better way to do so than by creating freebies for y'all to use. There’s a selection of wallpapers (for your phone + desktop), Instagram story templates and there’ll also bee some printable goodies too.

An actual portfolio of work, that WILL be kept up to date. I have a terrible habit of forgetting to update my portfolio with new projects, oops!

An overview of the services I offer. I like working on a variety of paid projects, everything from brand collaborations as part of a blog or Instagram post, down to lettering for a wedding or branding for a small business.

A shop. I plan to introduce a shop on here once I’ve worked out all the kinks. I am an extreme perfectionist (ffs), so until I can create everything exactly how I’d like to, the shop will be a WIP. I want to make sure everything I put out, especially the things I’ll be selling, are worth it. I want them to be products I’d be happy to buy, so that means every little detail will be scrutinised, the packaging, the suppliers, ev-e-ry-THANG! Make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to be the first to hear about the shop updates!

With that being said, a newsletter is something I’m keen to start the ball rolling on. I want to include exclusive freebies and tutorials for my subscribers, as well as sharing all the latest from the design world. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to my subscribe page to sign up!

Before this post comes to an end, I’d just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Ryan, my amazing other half for all the support and encouragement over the past few months and for helping me to believe in myself again. For all his help with the video content, the animated version of my logo, helping with my digital marketing strategy and for just being there to bounce ideas off. I am one lucky gal… ❤️

I’m going to end this here because I tend to ramble 🙈 THANK YOU so much for reading, and for visiting. I hope you come back. And if there is anything you’d like to see from me, feel free to comment below 👇🏻

* I formerly blogged under my name, but to be honest, that side of the blogging industry doesn’t interest me any more. I no longer feel inspired by it, and for the longest time, I wanted to have a blog that is to do with creativity, art and lifestyle.

Speak soon!