Typegal Studio, 2 weeks in...

Hey everyone! Monday again? REALLY?! How is time going by so quickly?

Today’s post is very much a personal, journal-style entry as I want to keep track of my business progress in a more public and transparent way. PLUS I think it’ll be good for me to document my journey, and be able to look back on.

So, two weeks ago I relaunched Typegal.com. What’s happened since then?

I’ve had overwhelming support and kindness and loveliness from so many of you wonderful people. So thank you for that! It is honestly the nicest feeling when you feel like people enjoy what you do just as much as you do. I’ve had so many wonderful comments and messages of support, it’s really made the last 3 months of constant work worth it.

Questions! All the questions! I’ve had quite a lot of interest on the shop/wholesale front. It’s unreal to think that my journey has only just begun, and there are people out there that love my work enough to want to have it up in their home or on display in their shops. MADNESS. I’ve had some questions from people who are thinking about careers in design, who are interested in learning to letter and it’s been so lovely to be able to really engage with people on a personal level, to share what I’ve learnt over the years.

Subscribers! If you’ve signed up to my newsletter, I BLOODY LOVE YOU! I can’t wait to start building a little community and getting to know you all. I honestly didn’t think I’d have anyone sign up (other than Ryan haha). So to have over 20 of you in just under 2 weeks is amazing! Thank you so much if you’ve signed up, and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for! Get your subscribe on!

What’s next for Typegal?

A SHOP. Yes, I’m going to push this to the forefront alongside my Learn to letter hub. As this is something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS, I kind of already have so much research done and already have a pretty good idea of how I’d do it. Now I just need to… do it. LITERALLY ALL THE EMOTIONS RN. Happy, scared, worried, excited.

Learning hub. I want to pass on what I already know, and being a designer as well as a lettering artist I know I’ve got some good knowledge I can share. I feel as if being a designer and learning the fundamentals before going insane with the wonderfulness that is hand lettering has really helped me.

Working on refining my services page. I want to do the most when it comes to the services I offer, in terms of offering the best services I can but also ensuring they align with my self-worth. One thing I've been researching a lot at the moment is self-worth, pricing within the creative industry and how to ensure you're not overcharging your clients OR undervaluing yourself. It's a tricky one to get right!

All in all, it’s been a busy two weeks. I’ve learned a lot already. Three main things I’ve realised since relaunching?

  1. It’s hard af to maintain a side hustle alongside a job/life. I’m actually working on a work-life balance post at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

  2. It’s ok NOT to be on top of things all the time. I really beat myself up if I don’t have a post ready for Instagram or i’m behind on posting (like with this one!) but life happens, we all have lives off the internet and sometimes they need your attention more.

  3. With that being said, organisation is literally everything. I’m trying super hard to get myself into a routine that works for me, and utilise tools that help make my life easier.

Any tips on how to manage your side hustle alongside work/general life are appreciated!

That’s enough rambling from me! Hope you all have a wonderful week!