How to: Create a photo grid on Instagram stories

Hi everyone! Today I’ll be sharing a very quick tutorial on how to create your own photo grid on Instagram stories, using the sticker feature. No more editing in apps!

To make it nice and easy I’ve included a video to show you how it works! Feel free to read through the steps below if you’d like though.


Step 1

Open Instagram, and go to upload a story. Now, choose a background, any background. OBVIOUSLY I’d recommend using one of my IG story photo grid templates. Once you’ve chosen your background, just minimise the app.

Step 2

Head to your photos app. Make sure you have the photos you want to use saved and ready to go. Click on the first photo you’d like to use and click the little up icon on the left hand side of your screen (you know the one you’d go to if you wanted to share it). Now, just click copy.

Step 3

Head back to Instagram. It should open right where you left off, only this time there’ll be the option to ‘add sticker’ which SHOULD be whichever picture you chose. Now all you need to do is simply place it wherever you’d like.

Step 4

Repeat for the amount of images you’d like to use within the grid.

Pro tip:

You can use transparent images this way too, so for example you could create a piece of text (in Canva for those of you who don’t use professional design software) and save it with a transparent background. This way you can easily create an overlay on your image.

3 Ideas for how you could use this tutorial on Instagram

  1. Follow Friday/sharing the love. Use a pre-made template and take a screenshot from each of your favourite accounts, then tag them in it.

  2. Share wish/want lists of multiple items so you don’t have to spam your stories.

  3. Comparisons or before and after photos.