Embracing a positive mindset

Good morning and happy Monday! I mentioned in my intro post that I’d be writing some lifestyle-related content, with a creative spin on it as well as all things lettering. Today’s post is a think-piece, a reflection on my life with some pointers you can hopefully take away and apply to yourself.

Let’s talk about changing your mindset and turning the negatives into positives. I feel like I’ve done that with my business (don’t get me wrong there are some areas of my life I’m not happy with but I’m working on it) so I thought I’d share how I’ve kind of overcome those negative Nancy feelings.

Let’s rewind back to January. I was miserable, torn between business names, unsure of my worth, my talent and stuck in a loop of Instagram comparison.

I took a real look at what was making me unhappy and decided that I wanted to change it. Unfortunately, I grew up surrounded by negativity (Vix actually has a great podcast episode on this, worth a listen, I got choked up with her) and for the most part of my life had a pretty bleak outlook. I never believed in myself, I just went through life doing what I was told to do. I took a HUGE step in changing my life back when I was 25, I quit my job and went back to school to get a degree (in something I could already do).

SO. JANUARY. I decided to go with the name “Typegal” for my business as it was something I had been toying with for well over a year. And I haven’t looked back. I started saying yes to opportunities instead of “no, it’s not going to work out anyway”. I started showing up, working every day and every weekend to get my business rebrand finished, and to launch the website. I stopped looking at other people and what they were doing because in reality there IS room for everyone. I started to celebrate the tiny victories without getting bogged down with follower counts. In terms of Instagram, I look at my engagement to judge whether I’m doing something right or not.

Fast forward to April. I’m in a good place. I actually said to Ryan the other day, that since reaching my goal of opening the Typegal website and being consistent with my work, it truly feels like a weight has been lifted. I feel happy and proud of myself, which is something I’ve only felt a few times in my life. And I owe it to making small changes within my life that in turn have positively affected my mindset.

How did I change my mindset? How can you change yours?

Evaluate what’s causing you to feel negative

Really look at your moods, figure out what makes you feel joy, and what doesn’t.

I used to try and keep up with what’s considered the norm in the blogging world. But I realised, it’s not me. I enjoy blogging but not in terms of trying to turn myself into a public figure. I don’t like sharing every little detail of my life, where I’m going and tbh, I very much like to live in the moment. I hated feeling like I had to pause the nice meal I was having to get an instagrammable shot. With Typegal, it’s different, I share the things I’m passionate about. I take pictures of things that inspire me. The pressure just isn’t there anymore.

Manage the negatives

Take logical steps to challenge the problem. If it’s social media, cut back your usage, unfollow the people that make you feel negative.

Social media played a BIG part in me feeling like crap. I was looking at people who were maybe 10 years younger than me and feeling upset that I hadn’t achieved more by now. Comparison really is the thief of joy. The reality is, not everyone has a helping hand. I don’t have someone to give me 5k to launch my shop or to help me with a deposit for a house. No, this isn’t a pity party or the green eyed monster talking, it’s just MY reality. What did I do? I stopped using Instagram for personal use, I stopped mindlessly watching the very stories that would make me feel rubbish. I only use Instagram for my work now, to find inspiration and to interact with other creatives. The result? I feel SO much better. Aspirational content is good in short bursts, not on a daily or hourly basis. I still use Twitter because it’s a good place for conversation, and you better believe I use the heck out of the mute function on there if something doesn’t make me feel happy.

Remember that you’re not a bad person

Don’t beat yourself up. You’re not a bad person, you’re not toxic. I always see tweets about people removing “negative” people from their lives. I think it’s a bit harsh to dismiss someone because everything isn’t unicorns and rainbows for them all the time. If they are being absolute dicks for no damn reason, sure. If it’s harmful to your MH, then also fine. But I know in my situation, I’m not negative because I want to be that way, or because I don’t appreciate life and being happy. It’s because I never really knew happiness. I knew how to settle.

Positive thinking is key

Keep working at being positive every damn day, it’s hard, believe me, I know. I automatically go to a negative place when something bad happens, and then I have to talk myself round to see the positives. If you can’t see them, talk to someone else who you think has a more positive outlook than you do and get them to help you see past your bad thoughts.

Love your little wins just as much as the big ones

Celebrate the small stuff, it matters. I have 14 subscribers on my mailing list right now and to me, that is bloody amazing! I am SO chuffed when somebody signs up, especially if it’s for my Learn to Letter page. Everybody has different wins, 13 subscribers is nothing to the person who has 2k.

To round this long ass post off, I’ll just say this:

Changing your mindset isn’t an overnight thing, it’s something you have to work on daily. Enjoy your journey and learn to accept the mistakes you make instead of hating yourself for making them.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Catch ya next Monday!